Adobe Spark Video

Easily create compelling video stories in minutes using beautiful iconic images, soundtracks, and cinematic motion — no design experience needed.

Create a short (less than 1 minute) video pitch for a new invention or announce an upcoming event. Your video should incorporate images, text, icons, and narration. You can choose to add videos if you like. Use one of the ideas below, or create one of your own. You will also find example videos in the inspirational gallery in the Adobe Spark app.

New Invention Ideas:

Here are a few crazy inventions to get your creative juices flowing. They are all real inventions which means that you can search Google to find images.

  • Baby Mop - An outfit babies wear to mop the floor as they crawl
  • Selfie Toaster - A toaster that burns your selfie into the bread
  • Butter Stick Type - It looks and works like a glue stick, but it is butter
  • Roller Buggy - A stroller with an attached scooter
  • Dogbrella - An umbrella for dogs

Upcoming Event Ideas:

Birthday, major holiday, other holidays, sporting event, dance, assembly, class project, graduation, etc.

You won't need much to complete this project.

  • An iPad with the Adobe Spark app. In the VPS app catalog you may find it under "Adobe Voice".
  • Photos and video
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